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A new kind of Money issued by all Miners


Hlor is generated by each miner regardless of coins, algorithms, pools, difficulties and mining devices. Hlor Addon is simply installed on any mining software or hardware
The idea behind Hlor is to create a unique coin, where all miners from all over the world are Money Printing Machines

They generate Hlor

# We are working on new brands

Hlor Addon generates Hlor Coins only for calculations by PoW protocol. We are working hard to adapt the PoS protocol, and by the time Ethereum switches to PoS, our Addon will be upgraded.

Baikal Miner



The number of Hlor coins depends on actual calculations done, no matter who guesses the nonce for the main coin. You will get Hlor coins at the same time while mining your main coin.

To start generating Hlor, just upgrade your miner with Hlor Addon. Generate Hlor coins without losing even the smallest efficiency while mining your main coin.

hlor addons

Hlor for Miners

# Download Install Mine

Visit Hlor Addons page or Hlor GitHub account. Choose the right software for your mining equipment.



Claymore's Dual Ethereum Miner is one of the most popular Ethereum dual miner for AMD and Nvidia GPUs

  • No Dev Fee
  • No Effect on Hashrate
  • Live Data Control



Antminer is one of the most popular and efficient ASIC miners from Bitmain on the market

  • No Dev Fee
  • No Effect on Hashrate
  • Live Data Control
hlor economy

A new vision for future finance

# Gold → Politics → Math

Hlor is value added to the miner's main currency. This is a real bonus to the miner's actual income.

Unlike the rest of the blockchains, in which a limited group of people controls the entire economic potential within one system, Hlor is generated jointly by the entire community of miners of all existing blockchains. The basis of Hlor coin future monetary system is distributed ownership by a large number of people. This will lead to an increase in the velocity of money.

Blockchain 3.0 with integrated Hlor Business Network (HBN) will create an infrastructure for using Hlor as a measure of the cost of goods, works, and services. HBN is a decentralized network system - a gateway between buyers and sellers.

Hlor Economy Model is protected by a mechanism for reducing the amount of Hlor emission generated by miners during the increase of the total network hash rate. Two factors affect Hlor emission: the network hash rate and the total number of Hlor issued.

"Three eras of currencies: commodity based, government based, and math based"



# Records → Tokens → Coins

4 steps to monetize Hlor


Active now

All Hlor that is generated by miners is accumulated in their Hlor Explorer accounts. Hlor Explorer is basically a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the Hlor network.



Hlor ERC-20 Token is launched. The deployment of the HLOR distribution contract on the main Ethereum Network is executed. Miners are able to convert generated Hlor within Hlor Explorer into Hlor Tokens.



HLOR Tokens on Ethereum will be converted to native Hlor Coins on the Hlor Blockchain 3.0. Miners will be able to swap their HLOR Tokens for Hlor Coins that can be used on the new, standalone Hlor Blockchain.



Hlor Business Network is dedicated to helping each miner grow their business. HBN promotes Hlor Coin among merchants and customers. Follow Twitter.com/HBN to stay up to date.

3 steps to get Hlor

# Easy steps to get Hlor

Before downloading the software, please make sure that the web page where you want to download Hlor Addon is either Hlor Explorer or Hlor Github Account https://github.com/hlor/


The latest stable releases of Hlor Addon and Hlor Firmware are available on two sources. You have to choose the right version for your mining device.


For the first time, get the key within your account in Hlor Explorer. Create names for your Hlor workers during the first run.
More details ...


Miners are rewarded with Hlor regardless who successfully creates a hash for main coin. The number of Hlor Coins depends on actual calculations done by each mining devices.

Calibration formula implementation

# SHA-256 Scrypt Ethash X11 Cryptonight ...

Hlor earnings is fair, regardless of the main mining coin and hashing algorithm.

Major part of blockchains is using different hashing function or combination that lead to variations of performance of miners. To address this challenge, we are implementing a statistical algorithm to equalize Hlorides emission to each miner.

hlor calibration formula

The idea behind this is to nominate 1 Hash production of most efficient mining as 1 Hloride and introduce calibration coefficients for others to ensure more or less fair Hlor distribution. Hlor Addon is calculating hashes output per each kernel that provides calculation, so we can now average output per each kernel for each blockchain.

hlor calibration

Hlor Addon

Our mission is to provide miners with
their own cryptocurrency

Our Roadmap

# Dream Big · Plan Well · Work Hard

Follow our Roadmap to see what keeps us busy.
Want to propose a new miner? Feel free to contact us directly.

# Our First Product


No One Believe

2017 was the year of learning the lessons of cryptocurrency mining

  • The Idea Was Born
  • The Work-Done Principle
  • Calibration Formula Development
  • Hlor Technical Concept
  • Hlor Blockchain Concept
  • Technical White Paper
  • First Hlor Addon for CPUMiner

# Our First Asic


We Hope We Can

2018 is the year to take action on that little war for the miners survival

  • Calibration Formula Integration
  • Hlor Explorer
  • Claymore Dual Miner
  • ASIC Antminer T9/T9+
  • ASIC Antminer S9/S9i/LPM
  • ASIC Antminer L3/L3+/L3++
  • ASIC Antminer D3
  • ASIC Antminer A3
  • ASIC Antminer S9j

# Our Second Year

Q1/2 2019

We Prove We Can

2019 will be the year of blockchains expansion

  • Hlor ERC20 Token Launch
  • ASIC Antminer S15/S11
  • ASIC Antminer T15
  • ASIC Antminer E3
  • ASIC Antminer X3
  • ASIC Antminer Z9/Z9 mini
  • ASIC Antminer DR3
  • Ethminer
  • Claymore Zcash AMD Miner

# Our Year of Growth

Q3/4 2019

We Prove We Will

Congratulations! Hlor is listed on Exchanges. Now you can trade

  • Listing On Multiple Exchanges
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Baikal N240/N+/N70
  • Baikal B/D
  • Baikal X
  • Canaan Avalon Miner
  • DragonMint
  • Phoenix Miner / EWBF Cuda Zcash
  • Hlor OS Firmware

# Our Year of Growth


They Prove We Will

Hlor Economy - a new vision for future finance

  • Blockchain Launch
  • Hlor Wallet
  • Hlor Coin
  • Listings
  • Hlor Debit Card
  • Hlor Business Network
  • Hlor Economy Integration

Hlor Explorer

# Check all data in real time

Hlor is the Explorer for the Hlor Network and the future Hlor Blockchain. An Explorer is basically a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the Hlor network.

Use your Hlor Explorer Account to manage your workers, keys, Hlor coins.

  • Live time controlling
  • Cloud data saving
  • Full synchronization
  • Track workers
Hlor Explorer